Aston Martin Vanquish V12 “Manual”

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€ 137.900,-



Km stand​

41.854km / 26.159mls





number of doors



Meteorite Silver metallic


Leather beige


Manual transmission

Number accelerate.


Power in hp


VAT margin

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Aston Martin Vanquish V12 Manual-transmission and Sport Dynamic Pack (SDP)…. an unique opportunity to acquire one of the rarest!

Principle changes over the standard Vanquish are the chassis/suspension and brakes. The front upright and wheel assembly were made stronger and stiffer with shorter springs (reducing the ride height by 5mm) and revised dampers. Also the steering was made more highly geared to make it 20% quicker than previously. The front brake discs were increased to 378mm in diameter (up from 355), together with six pot calliper to replace the four pot items. The rear disc diameter remained unchanged at 330mm, although 2mm thicker than on the standard car.

Best way to identify the Sport Dynamic variant from the standard car are the lightweight 9 slim spoke wheels (30% lighter than the 12 spoke – best wheels ever seen on a V12 Vanquish) and new brake discs with an elliptical groove pattern.

The Sports Dynamic Pack V12 Vanquish was only available for a few months. It has been claimed by AML that only 94 examples were made making it one of the rarest models in the V12 Vanquish range. And how many of those with a manual transmission? The rarest of the rarest……

This Aston Martin comes with a huge file of servicehistory completed with the invoice of the extra options (GBP45.817,-) “manual gearbox” and “audio-Hifi upgrade”.

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